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  1. Can you trace a missing person using their phone's IMEI number… even when it’s off? | Africa Check
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Your IMEI number can be of great use. However, using the IMEI number as a tracking tool requires certain conditions be met.

Can you trace a missing person using their phone's IMEI number… even when it’s off? | Africa Check

This is highly unlikely if those doing the surveillance have not had direct physical access to the phone. It can therefore help find the last or current location of a cellphone, even if the SIM card was changed. Based on this qualifier, we rate the claim mostly correct. Next report Can marijuana cure measles? No evidence for Kenyan claim. Read our republishing guidelines.

View the original piece on their website", with a link back to this page. Now comes the catch If you blacklist the phone, in other words block the IMEI number, you cannot trace the phone as you need this number. The phone basically becomes a paper weight and is useless to anyone. Further, if no case is opened because you have no blacklisting number, then no investigation will take place!!!

So what do you do? And now for the best part. There is software online which enables you to change the IMEI number of a phone. Festac Town. Cningsih Kembalikan hp sy. Jagdishpandey Please find my mobile. Acenacen Mau mengambil hp ini. Please help to find my phone.

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Find phone by phone number

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Search For Your IMEI Check Below

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